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Mifer Formulations
- Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

MIFER FORMULATIONS stands for (Indian Medicine For Effective Relief) Established in 1987 with a sheer objective to promote Aunthetic Herbal formulations in accordance to sacred texts of Ayurveda by highly Qualified and Experience Vaidyas.

An GMP certified company from “GOVT OF AP” manufactures the ayurvedic products through Employing most Modern Techniques, Care is taken that preparation adheres strictly to the norms & procedures laid out in ancient books of ayurveda.

We are Professionally managed organisation Engaged in RESEARCH Production & marketing OF QUALITY Medicines ,Herbal medicines , natural herbal food supplements.

Its commitment towards the holistic approach of ayurveda and the dedication of highly qualified vaidyas, sciencists, manufacturing chemists and other Experts makes the MIFER FORMULATIONS distinguished & elevates it higher from any other company engaged in similar activities.


Quality in MIFER FORMULATIONS is not limited to Gamut of products we offer but it exists in each and every aspect of our operation.

  • Quality for us is a tool that helps to Ensure the satisfaction & wellness of our customers. Every product that we provide is Evaluated on a range of parameters related to the ingredients & ratio of constituents and also their effect on human body.
  • They are also evaluated for compliance with all relevant national and international standards.
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    At MIFER FORMULATIONS we have all the Modern facilities & infrastructural requirements for the smooth & efficient management of our operations.We have huge Production Unit With Latest Machinery with potent production capacities

  • Well trained man power ensure that can handle all the requirements of our customers
  • Eco friendly Environment
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    Its Mainly a Formulary Unit which design and develops formulations which are unique and distinct with others.We strictly adheres to the ethics and principles of conventional system of medicine by applying most modern techniques that help in development of medicinal formula.

  • We have highly qualified and dedicated group of professionals and experience individuals.
  • We have reach a level of providing any kind of medicine on special pakages.
  • We can provide any product of your choice in ayurveda for excellent and satisfactory results can be made and supply on request.
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    We have large Range World class and TM Registered products which includes various formulations such as :

  • Syrups
  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Oils
  • Powders
  • Ointments Etc….
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    Mifer Formulation

    Regd. Office # 30-119/E Khari Bowli, Kurnool-1

    Mobile : +91 9491 852 955
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    mail : miferformulations@gmail.com

    Mon-Sat: 10am to 5pm

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